OnMesure was created to allow entrepreneurs and startups access with limited budgets and fears vis-à-vis the SEO, prospecting and the cost of an excellent graphic designer for their brand images

We offer you a choice:
  • Several packs so that you are serene in launching or redesigning your digital presence 
  • Pricing by day no-obligation quote on the project.
OnMeasure does not just communication and is also very active in the set up of exploration and commercial monitoring tools:
  • B2BPartner – Leaders together helping each other free of charge on the basis of trade in services or preferential prices
    • Also open to non-member companies in a restricted manner.
    • Soon will have a marketplace of services and products to our members of the public
  • CMApp – Tools of CRM / ERP fully customizable, functioning as well connected as Offline and FREE.
    • It is for you (or us together) to do what you need

Communications skills

Communication Consulting and Strategy

The agency analyzes all of your segment data for a trend toward which to direct themselves.

Projects management

The agency manages your communications projects throughout his speech. It guarantees the delivery and quality of work.

Print Communication

The documents of your paper communication must necessarily be graphic and well structured to communicate with your customers and prospects effectively.

Digital Communication

The world revolves around digital, for this reason, your digital communications should be consistent, powerful and flawless.

WebSite Design / redesign

Your website is the core of your digital communication. The agency will create your website presentation or e-commerce measurement.


The agency is the center of training for you and your teams have the skills required to develop your internal communication and administer your web media

Prospectives Solutions

B2B Partner

B2BPartner is the only B2B Hub companies allowing and encouraging the exchange of FREE B2B services!


ERP, CRM and BPM 100% configurable without commitment, without development & FREE